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Ultima online macroing guide
Ultima online macroing guide

Ultima online macroing guide

Download Ultima online macroing guide

Download Ultima online macroing guide

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Quick Guide Navigation Part 2 - General Tab Part 3 - Options Tab Part 4 Echo - Useful for leaving a note to yourself when macroing, etc.New to Ultima Online? Start Here!19 posts18 Nov 2013One guide to rule them all. One guide to find them.20 posts30 Sep 2012More results from uorforum.comGuide : Macroing Magery - Some Helpful Hints | UO Second › Support › GuidesCachedSimilarMay 27, 2008 - 15 posts - ?11 authorsDerrick wrote:Edit: As of Patch 55 you may no longer gain resist by casting on yourself in townFirst off, Here are some questions that need to beLockpicking Full Guide/Cartography Macro Guide15 posts26 Mar 2011Guide: Ultima Online:T2A House Security 10115 posts19 Jun 2009Guide : Razor15 posts25 Apr 2008More results from forums.uosecondage.comGeneral Information | Ultima following is a shot list of commands you should find useful as you start your . To begin creating a macro you click on one of the commands in the list and

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Mar 6, 2007 - Well, here is a newbie guide, a HOW TO macro all UO Skills (excluding Spellweaving), using RAZOR. Alchemy: With a lot of reags, bottles or This is a re-post of the original thread since the original thread was lost. I had a hard time finding a solid guide on how to setup a Razor macro Oct 1, 2014 - The 'command' part: is where you put the actual 'command' part of the macro. To add 'commands' to this box drag spells (from spellbooks),?Creating Macros -?Adding Actions -?Setting Targets -?Assigning HotkeysArms Lore - UOGuide, the Ultima Online 20, 2010 - To use Arms Lore you can either create a Macro, take out the Skill Gump Icon, or press the blue button next to its name in the Skill Gump.

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One thing the skill guides are missing is how to make macros, and WHAT Alt-B and Ctrl-B. (Note that Macro commands using only letters,Ninjitsu Skill Training Guide - Combat Related10 May 2009Cartography Skill Guide - Crafting Related21 Jun 2007More results from www.uoforums.comNew Player Guide - Macros - ABC has a built-in macro system. To access it, press the options button in your paperdoll. This opens the options window which you will want to use to customizeJul 7, 2008 - Macros are handy things that let you perform otherwise complicated actions at the press of a button and I really can't be bothered typing about

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